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Tupelo braves the cold and snow

Tupelo braves the cold and snow

Posted: Fri Jan 12 17:43:55 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 17:43:56 PST 2018

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avoid it. >> a bit of a mixed bag in terms of the way this winter affected folks in tupelo today.anchor: > way to describe how this wtva's mike russell has beenwint e r & weather affected folks in tupelo today? how about we try this phrase, working his way around town all day -- and joins us live with a bit of a mixed more. bag. wtva's mike russell has been that's exactly right. working his way around the city "mixed bag" is a perfect way to today and joins us describe today's weather day. l more. >> snow started coming down a little more forcefully on repor west main in tupelo about 12:30 exactly -- and as you might expect ther exactly the right way to describe today's cold generally kept people off the roads or safe and warm in their cars. weather. at about midday it is still coming down but just barely as matt was talking about. a s you can expect at the end of the week, peoplet generally get out in greater numbers on a generally keeping people off of friday. the but that wasn't really the casee today because of the cold and wind and snow.warm in their the snow came down -- and though it didn't really accumulate all. at the end that much, it and the of the we generally get out in greater numbers wind and the chill had a definite effect.on a friday. that these ladies had a sudden need for windshield wipers because o the snow. case today because of the cold wind angela ezell: "something we don't often, so - but the ice, and snow. the snow we could do without.came down a it did not accumulate that much the wind and chill had a definite but hey, it's mother nature, we have no control over that." eff. these at starbucks, where you can normally duck in and get aladieh piping hot cup of coffee on a a coldneed for windshield wipers because of the snow. be day, no so today! seven the ice melodi mccamey: "so you came in for hot coffee and you're not going to get it - that's true. what do you think about the snow and the cold weather? well, i wish it wasn't without. >> at starbucks which you so cold, but i really hope it c normally duck snows and it sticks." in and ge piping hot cup of coffee, not so today. >> you came in for hot alexia smith: "so you can't get a cup of hot coffee! yeah, i'm in your little disappointed noggin to g what about the snow and cold weather? about it - it's not even sticking that much! >> woman: i wish it wasn't that and not far away, not a whole of oil getting changed on a day like this... cold. >> you can get a cup of hot coffee question? it's just too "tell me. what do you think about this weather? i could live without it. it's pretty cold!" and as you might expect, not a lot of construction getting on a day like this either. cold. weaving about this weather? >> man: i can live i spoke to lee county ema witho is director lee bowdry who pretty . told me that things were generally pretty smooth. he said some bridges were >> and you can freezing over, especially in th lot of construction getting done on a northern end of the countyday l be careful on every bridge. eit. things were done generall and be prepared for black ice i pretty smo the morning if you're out and o. be very about.careful live in tupelo, mike russell. wtva 9news. on every bridge and be prepared for as you can see its been a tough as